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Tim needs your help. Oregon values are being drowned out by tax hiking politicains. Donate to defend Central Oregon values in Salem.


A Message from Tim Knopp

As we begin to focus on the historic 2016 election, I ask you to join me in support of a pro-jobs agenda for Oregon. We can and must do better as a state at helping small businesses create more private sector jobs. Central Oregon needs more family wage jobs that will allow us to support our families. Oregon needs the right tax and regulatory policies to retain and attract small business owners and entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our economy. That's why I work to help small business owners succeed. 

Just like Ronald Reagan in 1980 asked all citizens to join him in sending a message to politicians, I ask that this November we say no more politics as usual. No more politics of division. No more class-warfare. The people want their state back, they want more private sector jobs, and we won't stop until everyone who wants a job has an opportunity to get a good job.

Oregon needs a pro-jobs agenda that makes wise use of the resources we've been blessed with for the benefit of all Oregonians, including future generations. If we want the revenue to fund schools, higher education, health care, senior and veterans programs and public safety we will only achieve it through private sector job creation and efficient, sustainable budgets. Not by raising taxes.

Unemployment doesn't know party registration. As your state Senator I need your help. It's important the people of Central Oregon unite with one voice requiring action on real jobs legislation and real fixes to make our schools and education system even stronger. With a united voice we asked for fairness of opportunity for our citizens to have a four-year university right here in Central Oregon. That goal is being achieved and will open when the public has had their input, local decision makers have met community concerns, and construction is completed.

We must demand accountability and sustainability of Oregon's spending, state budget, and especially Cover Oregon and Oregon's Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). Thanks to your support of my effort to keep legislators out of PERS, newly elected legislators can't join PERS and current legislators will have the option to opt out of PERS. My campaign is about joining together to get the big things done, to get the important things done. I ask you to join me, to join us, regardless of your political views. Together we will deliver on jobs, secure a better education for our kids, and provide the leadership necessary to get results for Central Oregon. I'm honored to be your Senator.