Newsletter: Tim Knopp Veteran Email

September 23, 2016

Dear Central Oregonian,

Supporting Our Veterans Our veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and I believe in keeping our commitment to take care of and honor our veterans who have paid for our freedom through their courage and sacrifice.

This is why I sponsored House Joint Resolution 202, a constitutional amendment that seeks to refer a proposal to the November ballot that would set aside 1.5% of lottery revenues for Veterans outreach and programing per biennium. If approved, this will provide assistance for our veterans with reintegration, employment, education benefits and tuition, housing, physical and mental health care and addiction treatment programs and includes assistance for veterans, spouses of veterans or dependents of veterans in accessing state and federal benefits.

We can never thank veterans enough, without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. The sacrifice and virtue exhibited by military service to our country should be recognized at all times. I take honoring veterans very seriously.