Newsletter: Oregon Needs Effective Leadership

August 17, 2016

Dear Fellow Central Oregonian,

I am running to be your State Senator again because we need to re-build the middle class, create family-wage jobs, advocate for common-sense education reform, and control government spending. Sadly, our current leadership is failing and we need a senator who will continue to challenge the establishment. I will work tirelessly to represent you and create a prosperous and healthy Oregon. My top priorities include:

Rebuilding the middle class

I have a proven record of fighting for Oregon’s small businesses. As a small business owner for over 20 years, I have successfully created private sector jobs. Now, I help Central Oregonians build and find affordable housing and a home of their dreams. I understand the challenges small business owners face in fighting costly government regulations. I opposed expensive mandates that will cost small businesses nearly $2 billion every year. I consistently fight against higher taxes and fees on seniors and working Oregon families.

Fighting for Educational Opportunities

I was educated in Oregon’s public schools and I believe we need common sense reforms to fully fund education, lower class sizes, and raise graduation rates. I supported legislation to increase choice in our education system and lead a bipartisan effort to continue allowing parents to choose the school that best fits their child’s needs.

Protecting Taxpayers and Reducing Spending

I championed legislation to protect taxpayer refunds and over $1 billion was returned to taxpayers. I led the fight on many other bills protecting taxpayers and helping small businesses. I am committed to saving tax dollars through common sense government reforms and creating more transparency.

Supporting Seniors and Veterans

I believe in protecting medical deductions for seniors and will work to restore access to affordable, quality medical services for our most vulnerable citizens. I also believe in keeping our commitment to honor our veterans who have paid for our freedom through their courage and sacrifice.


Championing PERS Reform

** With PERS liabilities exceeding $20 billion and expecting to cost local governments and school districts millions over the next decade, I proposed fair and sustainable constitutional reforms to PERS to prevent teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, and fewer public safety officials while protecting retirees.


I helped pass bi-partisan legislation that protects our privacy regarding our email, cell phones, social media, health care and education records.

You can show your support in my race to be your State Senator by visiting my website, liking my Facebook page, or donating to my campaign. I would be honored to have your vote.


Tim Knopp