Newsletter: Building the Foundation for a Prosperous Oregon

September 16, 2016

Dear Fellow Oregonian,

One of the reasons I chose to be a public servant was to become a voice for the people of Central Oregon. As an elected official, I believe that listening to constituents is the key to effective leadership.

Residing in Central Oregon for nearly 39 years, I enjoyed canvassing the neighborhood where I grew up and discussing my top priorities for the people of Central Oregon.

Increasing Educational Opportunities

One of my top priorities is to fight for educational opportunities that will meet students’ needs and the demands of our economy, while bridging the gap in higher education options. This week, I was proud to attend the grand opening celebration of the OSU-Cascades campus here in Central Oregon. OSU-Cascades became Oregon’s first public university in 50 years and will provide academic opportunities to Oregonians throughout Central Oregon.

It was an honor to tour Les Schwab headquarters in Bend recently.

Fighting for Small Business

As a small business owner for nearly 20 years, I understand the challenges of fighting excessive and costly government regulations. I understand that small business is the economic engine of Central Oregon and I will continue to advocate for pro-business policies that create family wage jobs.



It was an honor to tour Les Schwab headquarters in Bend recently.