Gun Control Bills Move to the Senate Floor

The Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee Chair held hearings and work sessions on four “gun control” bills last week. I have received emails and phone calls from thousands of Oregonians with about 95% opposing the bills. I’ve seen many citizens testify in opposition to the bills as well. Thursday, on a partisan vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve the four bills with amendments and sent them to the Senate Floor. The vote will likely occur this week. The Oregonian summarized the four bills and what they do, read below:

  • Senate Bill 347, which would allow school districts to prohibit concealed handgun licensees from carrying their firearms on school grounds.

  • Senate Bill 699,which would require that firearms carried into public buildings by licensees be concealed from public view.

  • Senate Bill 700 would require a background check for all private sales and transfers, except for those among family members.

  • Senate Bill 796, which would require that applicants for concealed permits take a course taught by a live instructor.

I thank you for standing with me against these bills. They solve no problem and they don’t make anyone safer. In fact they will make criminals out of law abiding citizens and have the very real potential to create more victims.

In freedom,

Senator Tim Knopp