Defending Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pregnancy Resource Centers have been a tremendous boost to our communities. Women who would not have anywhere else to go now have a community-supported center where they can receive help.

SB 490 unfairly targets Pregnancy Resource Centers across Oregon. It infringes upon free speech rights by compelling pregnancy centers to say something they would not otherwise, thereby regulating their right to free speech. Pregnancy Resource Centers will be unable to continue to exist in their current form if this piece of legislation is allowed to pass.

SB 490 has been scheduled for a work session on Tuesday, April 9th at 3 pm. I'm solidly opposed to the bill, but the rest of the committee members need to hear from you if we are to defeat this bill. Below I have listed the members on the Senate Health Care and Human Services committee, along with information on how to contact them. I urge you to contact all of them. Let them know you oppose this bill, and tell them what your local pregnancy resource center means to you.

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson, Chair: (503) 986-1725 - Senator Chip Shields: (503) 986-1722 - Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward: (503) 986-1717 Senator Jeff Kruse: (503) 986-1701-

I will do everything I can to defeat this piece of legislation. I believe it's important for Pregnancy Resource Centers to continue to lend a helping hand in our communities to women, and families in crisis.

Senator Tim Knopp