Gun Control and Preventing Tragedies Like Sandy Hook

I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of local articles published yesterday. They include some of my thoughts on gun control, and how we can prevent more tragidies like the Sandy Hook shooting.

KTVZ has an article and an acompanying video on some of my thoughts on Gun Control, and what we can do to prevent tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting from happening again.

Knopp and returning state Rep. Jason Conger told the group they will fight to uphold the tenets of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, and will fight efforts to use a tragedy to take away the rights of gun owners, the vast majority of whom have done nothing wrong.

They said they plan to try to make other lawmakers realize that to stop such tragic acts from happening, it's not a matter of limiting guns or ammunition, but rather of better gun knowledge and safety, and more help for the mentally ill.

There was also an article in yesterday's edition of The Bulletin*.

Conger and Knopp both told the audience the focus should not be on guns, but on mental health care, with Knopp calling the mental health aspect of the mass shooting phenomenon the “most important question."

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