Independence Remembered

Independence Day is just around the corner.  It is, among many things, a time to reflect on and celebrate the hard fought, fundamental values on which we stand.

Before you fire up the old BBQ, think about the fact that the carefully planned government created by our founding fathers was not only designed to protect our independence but gives us the responsibility to work for change when there is a need.

I believe we should take every opportunity we can to preserve freedom in America and in Oregon.  I am running for State Senate because I believe there are many areas in our state government that need to change.

Freedom from the Death Tax

I am pleased to say that supporters of the initiative to end Oregon's death tax have collected the minimum number of signatures for the petition to be placed on the November 2012 ballot.  However, it is important to continue to collect signatures because, if history is any guide, the Secretary of State could throw out quite a number of them by the time all the counting is done.

For this reason, if you have not signed the petition yet, please go to  Download the petition, sign it, ask your friends and family to sign it, and mail it in (address is found with the petition information).

Today is the last day to mail in petitions! If you cannot get your petition in the mail today, you may drop it off on Thursday by 3 PM at the Central Oregon Builders Association:

1051 NE 4th St Bend, OR 97701 (541) 389-1058

PERS Reform: the Time to Act is Now

Recently I saw an article in the Oregonian that talked about how our schools will continue to suffer as the costs associated with the Public Employee Retirement System (or PERS) rise.

This is a serious problem that is getting out of hand.  It is up to the Legislature to make substantial reforms to PERS. We cannot continue to ignore a crisis that is becoming detrimental to our educational system.

As your State Senator, I will push the right type of reforms to mend this injured system just as I did in 2003 as chair of the House PERS Committee.