Telfer Continues to Misrepresent Her Voting Record

Attacks Knopp to distract voters from the Truth (Bend, OR.)—Only one of the candidates in the Central Oregon race for State Senate, District 27 is misleading voters about their record, and it’s none other than Senator Chris Telfer. Telfer is trying to distract voters by attacking Knopp, but the real truth is Telfer made false claims about her own accomplishments trying to make her record look better than the reality.

Telfer sent out a press release after the 2012 session claiming that one of her accomplishments was “…a fiscally responsible budget agreement that controls state spending.” The problem is Telfer voted no on the budget bills that rebalanced the budget leaving her no legitimate way to take credit for it. Telfer said on the Senate floor before the vote, “Just letting everybody know that I will be no on all the budget bills.” Then Telfer followed through and voted no on the budget bills. Just days later in a media release she listed the 2012 rebalance as an accomplishment.

In fact her statements are so outlandish they caught the attention of The Oregonian and Politifact, an independent group that rates claims made by politicians. After reviewing Telfer’s claims regarding her so called accomplishments they said “Telfer didn’t negotiate, or help negotiate, that agreement. Not only that, she voted against the bills that authorize operating money for state government. Her statement is not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim. We rule the statement Pants on Fire.”

Most people when caught publicly making false and misleading statements would simply apologize, not Chris Telfer. Telfer said she stands by her statement.

After being caught making these false statements Telfer is now attacking Tim Knopp saying he is misrepresenting her record. Knopp responded today by saying, “I think it’s sad that Chris Telfer is misrepresenting her accomplishments. She has attacked me because we have exposed her liberal votes supporting bigger government and higher taxes. Since Chris Telfer is attacking me I will make sure and send out the supporting documents to Republican voters and let them decide who’s telling the truth. Once voters read it in black and white I have no doubt they will conclude what I’m saying is the truth.”

Tim Knopp stated, I’ve said Telfer supported one of the largest gas tax increases in Oregon history, trading her vote for earmarks and that’s true. I’ve said Telfer was a Democrat and turned Republican before she ran for the State Senate and that’s true. I’ve said Telfer sponsored a bill with liberal Portland Democrats to take HALF of the people’s Kicker Tax refunds and give it to the government and that’s true. I’ve said that Telfer’s redistricting plan gave a much bigger advantage to Democrat’s in House District 54, which is also absolutely True.

“Unlike my opponent I would never knowingly make false statements about my record or my opponent’s record,” Knopp said.