Taxpayers Association of Oregon Endorses Tim Knopp

Media Notification

To: All Media Date: April 27, 2012 Contact: Tim Knopp Phone: 541-408-5164

(Bend, OR.)—Tim Knopp,Former Oregon House Majority Leader and three-term State Representative, is running for state Senate, District 27. Knopp announced he’s received endorsement of the Taxpayer’s Association of Oregon.

In a statement the Taxpayers Association said, “Tim Knopp has won several Taxpayer Watchdog awards for his longstanding work towards limiting Oregon property taxes, opposing a sales tax as well as opposing all personal and small business income tax increases and opposing gas tax increases. Knopp also provided leadership on Ballot Measure 86 in 2000 that put the Kicker in the Constitution, working side-by-side with the Taxpayer’s Association of Oregon (TAO). In 2003 he led the effort to reform PERS and again worked closely with TAO. With just these two legislative successes he helped save Oregon taxpayers several billion dollars.”

Tim Knopp said, “I’m honored to receive this endorsement from Oregon’s premiere Taxpayer protection group and I have always appreciated the Taxpayers Association of Oregon’s help an input. If Oregon is to thrive again and reach our economic potential we must have sound tax policy and lower taxes that will help small business create more private sector jobs.”

While Tim Knopp was in the legislature he protected and enhanced the Senior and Disabled Citizen’s property tax deferral program, lowered personal property taxes for small businesses and opposed new job killing regulations that strangle businesses.

Knopp received awards from the Taxpayers Association of Oregon during his three-terms in the Oregon House including the Taxpayer Medal of Honor and the Taxpayer Watchdog Award.