PERs Topic of Discussion with Telfer & Knopp

From Reforming the Public Employees Retirement System, known as PERs was discussed at the League of Women Voters debate between Chris Telfer and Tim Knopp. The two are squaring off for the State Senate seat currently held by Telfer. Telfer says she intends to offer legislation about raising the retirement age as one step to control costs. “At the end of the day, our state employees deserve a retirement. But can we afford the one we have? I don't think so. We have to find ways we can solve the problem.”

Telfer's Republican challenger, Tim Knopp says he helped reform PERs the last time he was in the legislature. “Back in 2003, we made several changes that the courts upheld that saved us $4-billion. Since 2003, we've had bad markets. But PERs is getting out of hand, to the tune of $16 million. It's unsustainable.” Knopp says he's not terrible optimistic a bi-partisan solution on PERs can be reached.