Newsletter: Getting my Message Out

October 14, 2016

We have made some exciting progress in the campaign this past week. As of last Saturday, Tim Knopp for State Senate has officially knocked on 20,000 doors in Senate District 27. We have reached this goal due to the hard work of many dedicated people who have contributed many hours to our cause. Because of this crew, along with many other volunteers and campaign staff not pictured below, we were able to spread the word to thousands of Oregonians about my race for State Senate. We’re still canvassing in Redmond though, and we would appreciate any help you can offer. If you’re willing and able to go door-knocking, our Field Director will coordinate with you and get you set up.

However, canvassing and door-to-door efforts are not the only ways to show your support. Many of our supporters have displayed field and lawn signs in their yards, on their fences, or at their businesses. These proud supporters are helping spread awareness about this important election. I spent the other day installing some of these signs for our constituents around the area. If you would like to have a lawn sign in your yard, contact me through my website and we will drop one off for you as soon as we can.

If you don’t have the ability to display a lawn sign, and canvassing is too difficult for you, there are other ways you can help. Our phones have just been set up and we are welcoming any and all volunteers who would like to make calls. You can consider contributing to our campaign as well. Anything you’re able to offer is greatly appreciated. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me. I always appreciate hearing from my constituents.


Newsletter: I Want Safe, Healthy Communities

October 7, 2016

Greetings Central Oregonian,

This week, I attended the International Walk/Bike to School Day event at Juniper Elementary. This one day event is aimed at building awareness for the need for walkable communities.

International Walk/Bike to School Day event at Juniper Elementary

I had the opportunity to speak with Dan Wolnick, the Principal of Juniper Elementary and Executive Director of Commute Options, Jeff Monson about the importance of safe routes to school for our youth. Ensuring that our communities are safe and walkable requires that parents, schools, businesses, law enforcement and government work together.

Last week, I celebrated my 51st Birthday with friends and family. I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook and to those who attended my birthday celebration.

Please get involved with my campaign. Consider donating or volunteering your time door-knocking or making phone calls. If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.


Newsletter: Spreading the Word- Yard Signs and Doorbells

October 1, 2016

Dear Central Oregonian,

It is an honor to represent the people of Central Oregonian. I enjoy the opportunity to speak to those I represent regarding issues important in our community. This past month, I have spent time going door-to-door and have met many wonderful people who continue to show their support for my race. It is important to reach out to everyone in Senate District 27 to learn what their needs are and what solutions are available to problems that impact them.

Thanks to my great team that helped me knock on over 10,000 doors. Half way to the goal of 20,000! If you would like a yard sign please send me an email and we will deliver it right to your door! If you would like to donate to my campaign or get in contact with me for any reason please visit my website

Last weekend, I attended a naturalization ceremony at the Festival of Cultures in Redmond. I love seeing all the happy faces of folks who have worked hard to earn their citizenship.

The United States is comprised of individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, and continues to benefit from this rich diversity. It is also great to see them embrace America's shared values of personal responsibility, liberty, and equality before the law. I was able to witness people become citizens from Vietnam, China, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.



Newsletter: Tim Knopp Veteran Email

September 23, 2016

Dear Central Oregonian,

Supporting Our Veterans Our veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and I believe in keeping our commitment to take care of and honor our veterans who have paid for our freedom through their courage and sacrifice.

This is why I sponsored House Joint Resolution 202, a constitutional amendment that seeks to refer a proposal to the November ballot that would set aside 1.5% of lottery revenues for Veterans outreach and programing per biennium. If approved, this will provide assistance for our veterans with reintegration, employment, education benefits and tuition, housing, physical and mental health care and addiction treatment programs and includes assistance for veterans, spouses of veterans or dependents of veterans in accessing state and federal benefits.

We can never thank veterans enough, without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. The sacrifice and virtue exhibited by military service to our country should be recognized at all times. I take honoring veterans very seriously.



Newsletter: Building the Foundation for a Prosperous Oregon

September 16, 2016

Dear Fellow Oregonian,

One of the reasons I chose to be a public servant was to become a voice for the people of Central Oregon. As an elected official, I believe that listening to constituents is the key to effective leadership.

Residing in Central Oregon for nearly 39 years, I enjoyed canvassing the neighborhood where I grew up and discussing my top priorities for the people of Central Oregon.

Increasing Educational Opportunities

One of my top priorities is to fight for educational opportunities that will meet students’ needs and the demands of our economy, while bridging the gap in higher education options. This week, I was proud to attend the grand opening celebration of the OSU-Cascades campus here in Central Oregon. OSU-Cascades became Oregon’s first public university in 50 years and will provide academic opportunities to Oregonians throughout Central Oregon.

It was an honor to tour Les Schwab headquarters in Bend recently.

Fighting for Small Business

As a small business owner for nearly 20 years, I understand the challenges of fighting excessive and costly government regulations. I understand that small business is the economic engine of Central Oregon and I will continue to advocate for pro-business policies that create family wage jobs.



It was an honor to tour Les Schwab headquarters in Bend recently.

Newsletter: Committed to Improving Education

September 7, 2016

Dear Fellow Central Oregonian,

As your State Senator, fighting for educational opportunities is one of my top priorities. I was a strong advocate of increasing choice in our education system and led a bipartisan effort to continue allowing parents to choose the school that best fits their child’s needs.

I was honored to attend the Redmond Proficiency Academy ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday. It is exciting to see the progress Central Oregon has made since passing the Public Charter School bill.

In Case You Missed It: Please take a moment to watch my new campaign video!

Watch my new campaign on  Facebook .

Watch my new campaign on Facebook.

Check out my website, like my Facebook, consider volunteering or donating to my campaign. Oregon needs leadership that is willing to take on the tough issues. It would be an honor to have your support!


Tim Knopp

Newsletter: Advocating for Small Business and the Middle Class

August 29, 2016

Dear Fellow Central Oregonian,

Advocating for Small Business and Their Employees

It was an honor to receive the Guardian of Small Business award by the National Federation of Independent Business(NFIB) and their members for my work defending small business owners and their employees.

As a small business owner for nearly 20 years, I understand the challenges small business owners face fighting excessive and costly government regulations. Small business is the engine that drives our economic growth and I will tirelessly advocate for the small business community.

“When you hear Sen. Tim Knopp speak, whether it’s privately in his office, in committee, or on the Senate floor, it’s extremely likely that he’ll bring up small business,” said Anthony K. Smith, NFIB’s Oregon state director. “Oregon small businesses, and especially the small businesses in his district, are always a top priority for him. With experience as a small-business owner for nearly 20 years, it’s no surprise that he would score a 100 percent on his 2015-2016 NFIB Voting Record.”

Rebuilding the Middle Class

One of my top priorities is to help Central Oregonians find the affordable house of their dreams Affordable housing is crucial for community development and economic growth. Recently, I had the opportunity to join fellow First Story board members and volunteers in raising the first wall of a new affordable home in our local community.

I will continue to advocate for middle class families by creating affordable homes and helping those hard working moms, dads, and children find the home of their dreams.

You can show your support in my race to be your State Senator by visiting my website, liking my Facebook page, or donating to my campaign. I would be honored to have your vote.


Tim Knopp

Newsletter: Oregon Needs Effective Leadership

August 17, 2016

Dear Fellow Central Oregonian,

I am running to be your State Senator again because we need to re-build the middle class, create family-wage jobs, advocate for common-sense education reform, and control government spending. Sadly, our current leadership is failing and we need a senator who will continue to challenge the establishment. I will work tirelessly to represent you and create a prosperous and healthy Oregon. My top priorities include:

Rebuilding the middle class

I have a proven record of fighting for Oregon’s small businesses. As a small business owner for over 20 years, I have successfully created private sector jobs. Now, I help Central Oregonians build and find affordable housing and a home of their dreams. I understand the challenges small business owners face in fighting costly government regulations. I opposed expensive mandates that will cost small businesses nearly $2 billion every year. I consistently fight against higher taxes and fees on seniors and working Oregon families.

Fighting for Educational Opportunities

I was educated in Oregon’s public schools and I believe we need common sense reforms to fully fund education, lower class sizes, and raise graduation rates. I supported legislation to increase choice in our education system and lead a bipartisan effort to continue allowing parents to choose the school that best fits their child’s needs.

Protecting Taxpayers and Reducing Spending

I championed legislation to protect taxpayer refunds and over $1 billion was returned to taxpayers. I led the fight on many other bills protecting taxpayers and helping small businesses. I am committed to saving tax dollars through common sense government reforms and creating more transparency.

Supporting Seniors and Veterans

I believe in protecting medical deductions for seniors and will work to restore access to affordable, quality medical services for our most vulnerable citizens. I also believe in keeping our commitment to honor our veterans who have paid for our freedom through their courage and sacrifice.


Championing PERS Reform

** With PERS liabilities exceeding $20 billion and expecting to cost local governments and school districts millions over the next decade, I proposed fair and sustainable constitutional reforms to PERS to prevent teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, and fewer public safety officials while protecting retirees.


I helped pass bi-partisan legislation that protects our privacy regarding our email, cell phones, social media, health care and education records.

You can show your support in my race to be your State Senator by visiting my website, liking my Facebook page, or donating to my campaign. I would be honored to have your vote.


Tim Knopp

Knopp given leadership opportunity with Senate Republicans

July 16, 2014
CONTACT: Michael Gay
(503) 781-8559

Salem, OR - Senator Tim Knopp (R-Bend) has been appointed to Deputy Caucus Leader of the Senate Republican caucus. The caucus Deputy Leader assists in caucus tactics, strategy and administration and works to advance the principles, campaigns and legislative priorities of the Senate Republicans.

Knopp joins Senator Larry George (R-Sherwood) and Senator Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) in the position of Deputy Caucus Leader. Senator Alan Olsen (R-Canby) and Senator Jackie Winters (R-Salem) are also on the caucus leadership team.

"Tim has brought a depth of perspective and experience to the caucus and is stepping in to an expanded leadership opportunity in our campaign for the majority," said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). "He adds to an already strong team of Senate Republican Leadership. He is bold and decisive and will be a tremendous asset to the caucus and the people of Oregon as we seek to bring change to our state's legislature."

Knopp comes into the leadership position with previous caucus leadership experience, having served as the House Republican Majority Leader during the 2003 legislative session. Knopp founded the Oregon Reagan PAC, a grass roots organization dedicated to common sense in government that has raised nearly $200,000 for conservative causes. Knopp has strong relationships with conservative groups and coalitions across the state.

"I am honored to serve Oregon and my Republican Senate colleagues in this role," said Knopp. "We have a tremendous opportunity this election to bring the change that Oregon desperately needs. I look forward to working hard for Oregon families over the next few months to bring new leaders to Salem that can help make our state a more prosperous place to live."

Knopp is a native Oregonian who has lived in Central Oregon for nearly 35 years. He and his wife, Melissa, have been married over 26 years and have 4 children: Reagan (19), Emilie (17), Daniel (15), and Grace (6).

His background includes over 20 years as a small business owner and community service as a former little league coach and board member of the Bend Chamber of Commerce as well as serving as a current board member of affordable housing non-profit, First Story. Knopp is the Executive Vice President of the Central Oregon Builders Association and the Executive Director of Building Partners for Affordable Knopp served in the Legislature from 1999 to 2005 for three terms and helped pass legislation protecting the kicker by putting it in the Constitution, where in 2007 it ultimately returned $1 billion belonging to the taxpayers.

House sends "Silver Alert" bill to Governor

Medicaid fraud also targeted

Salem, OR - The Oregon House of Representatives approved Senate Bill 1577 on Friday, leaving only the Governor's signature before Oregon can get started on new protocols for finding persons with Alzheimer's Dementia Diseases who have gone missing. Senate Bill 1577 is a priority of the Senate Republican Caucus.

"Missing loved ones can be found quickly, if law enforcement and the community are alerted and mobilized," said Senator Tim Knopp (R-Bend), sponsor of the legislation. "I believe this bill will save lives, and give families a little peace of mind in stressful situations."

Senate Bill 1577 directs law enforcement agencies to develop policies for responding to instances of missing individuals with mental impairments. New protocols will include training for officers, processes for reporting a missing senior and mechanisms for alerting the public.

Currently there are about 80,000 Oregonians with Alzheimer's, a number that is expected to climb to 110,000 by 2025.

Sixty percent of people with Alzheimer's will wander from their home. Sixty percent of Alzheimer's patients who wander, if not found within 24 hours, will suffer severe injury or death. Eighty percent if not found within 72 hours will die. A person with Alzheimer's may not remember his or her name or address, and can become disoriented, even in familiar places.

Senate Bill 1577 also contains provisions for fighting Medicaid fraud. The bill requires the Oregon Health Authority to develop cutting edge solutions to prevent and identify fraudulent activity.

"In order to provide services and emergency resources for those who are struggling, we need to take aggressive action against individuals who would seek to abuse Oregon's Medicaid system," said Knopp.

Michael Gay
(503) 986-1950
(503) 781-8559

Oregon Legislature Sends Bill to Governor Limiting Company Access to Social Media

By Paul Shukovsky

SEATTLE--The Oregon Legislature May 16 passed a bill (H.B. 2654) with overwhelming bipartisan support that would prohibit employers from demanding that employees or job applicants provide access to their social media accounts.

The measure, headed to the desk of Gov. John Kitzhaber (D), would limit an employer's ability to require access to the login credentials of the personal social media accounts of employees or applicants. It also would restrict a company's ability to compel an employee or applicant to add the employer or an employment agency as an online contact. Retaliation by the employer for a refusal to provide such access or to friend the employer or agency also is prohibited under the bill.

The measure contains an exception for workplace investigations into employee misconduct or to comply with applicable laws or regulatory requirements. Those investigations, however, still must not require the submission of login credentials.

The bill also does not prevent an employer from complying with the rules of a self-regulatory organization. The financial securities industry has sought similar exceptions in the many social media privacy bills being debated across the country, arguing that without them, companies could not satisfy Financial Industry Regulatory Authority rules requiring securities firms to supervise, record, and maintain business-related communications (see related special report).

Banning 'Shoulder Surfing.’

The House approved the bill 56-3 on April 15, and the Senate voted 28-1 in favor on May 14. The state Senate inserted an amendment to prohibit what has been dubbed by lawmakers as “shoulder surfing,” which the House concurred in May 16.

Sen. Bruce Starr (R), one of the chief sponsors of the bill, told BNA May 14: “We don't want employers or prospective employers to look over your shoulder and view whatever is on your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any other social media. Across party lines, both the House and Senate recognized that to have employers demand access to your Facebook and Twitter feed just didn't make any sense.”

Rep. Margaret Doherty (D), also a chief sponsor of the legislation, told BNA May 14 that she and her staff have been working on the bill for months “talking to members of the tech community, privacy advocates, unions, and law enforcement community members.”

Promoting Privacy.

Sen. Tim Knopp (R), the bill's other chief sponsor, told BNA May 14, “When an applicant applies for a job, the employer doesn't ask to look at their mail. So why would they look at their Facebook account?”

By Paul Shukovsky

Copyright 2013, The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.

After tax defeat, Dems should become bipartisan on PERS

by Sen. Tim Knopp

The failure of the Oregon House to pass a tax increase package on Oregon’s small business owners creates real opportunity. Public services continue to teeter on the brink of insolvency with no workable solution from Salem while half of the session has expired. This crossroad isn’t the end of the path, it’s a moment of clarity with two unmistakable realities. First, the budget crisis facing Oregon cannot be solved without a substantive and bipartisan solution to PERS reform. Second, Republicans are at the table with substantive suggestions on PERS and revenue but Democrats had pursued a go it alone approach.

Make no mistake. Last week, an opportunity was born for the legislature, and today we start fresh.

If passing Senate Bill 822 is the only PERS reform offered by the 77th Legislative Assembly then more cuts an fewer teachers are the very real choices facing school districts. Parents and teachers are still reeling from out of control class sizes, shorter school years, and significant program cuts that are back on the table because some politicians in Salem seem paralyzed to act on real PERS reform. I believe there are courageous members of both parties and both chambers that are ready to do more. The time is now.

This indefensible math of PERS employer rates underscores the necessity of real reform — not just for balancing the state budget, but for shoring up Oregonian’s confidence that the state has put itself on a responsible, sustainable path that provides a fair retirement for Oregon’s valued public employees without sacrificing services to seniors, kids and public safety.

Cities, counties and school boards throughout the state are demanding a PERS reform package that restores teaching positions, reduces class sizes, put more cops on the streets and provides new investments within our community.

I continue to applaud the Governor for his interest in addressing PERS cost increases and look forward to his legislative action to protect scarce funds needed for education and other vital public services. But if lawmakers continue to punt on real PERS reform it will simply leave Oregon families holding the bag.

The passage of Senate Bill 822 represents an unwillingness to recognize the seriousness and scope of the problem schools and our police and fire departments face. Kicking the can down the road with empty rhetoric of a shared sacrifice is not an answer. Neither is the Democrat proposal’s alleged “savings” of $350 million based on simply skipping required payments — akin to ignoring a credit card bill for a couple years and racking up more interest.

The public employee retirement system is a titanic problem and is a sinking ship that needs to be rescued. Passing the bare minimum says to kids and their parents, seniors and Oregon’s most vulnerable that we don’t have room in the life boat for you.

Oregon deserves leaders willing to step up to plate and solve this crisis. With no work group, no collaboration, no negotiations, SB 822 represents a backroom political deal that shifts the PERS debt burden onto Oregon families and small businesses. Democrats continue to ask as part of their plan that you make up the difference of their failure to solve the PERS problem by raising taxes while limiting home mortgage deductions. Last Week, we tried that path and came to a dead end.

In the end, the passage of SB 822 does little to stop local PERS obligations from swamping local services in a sea of red ink and debt. Please demand the legislature pass a real PERS reform plan like those that the Oregon School Boards Association and many Republicans have proposed. Oregon’s future depends on swift bipartisan action.

“Great moments… are born from great opportunity,” declared Miracle on Ice Coach Herb Brooks. “And that’s what you have here.” Today represents an opportunity to do great things. Last week’s vote represents a simple truth, no bipartisan consensus on our state budgetary woes equals no reform. Today, we begin again.

Sen. Knopp was previously in the Legislature from 1999 to 2005 for three terms, including one as Oregon House Majority Leader, where he led the PERS Reforms of 2003 that saved taxpayers billions. He was elected to his first term in the Oregon State Senate in November 2012. Senate District 27 encompasses the Central Oregon communities of Bend, Redmond, Sunriver, and Tumalo.

What we must do to improve Oregon’s future

By Tim Knopp

As the weather begins to warm, Bachelor begins to thaw and signs of spring are all around us, it’s hard for me to believe that this legislative session is already half over.

We have reached the midpoint in the legislative session, and a great deal remains to be accomplished.

If we’re going to move this state forward, then we need to address all of our challenges. We need to make sure everyone who wants a job has an opportunity to get a good job, we must hold government accountable and we must fully fund education so that our youngest generation has an opportunity at their American dream.

Few parts of Oregon have been hit worse by this recession than Central Oregon. With nearly one in 10 of our neighbors still unable to find a job, the status quo is unacceptable. Consistent high unemployment deserves more effort from legislative leadership. Many legislators have proposed bills to allow Salem to step back and let small businesses thrive and to do what they do best, create jobs. I am concerned that the Senate leadership doesn’t appear to want to take any action on these job-creating bills that unemployed Oregonians are desperate for. I won’t give up until my jobs bills and others like this are passed.

Central Oregonians deserve no more politics as usual, no more politics of division, no more class warfare. They want a government that works with them, not against them. Since before the start of the 2013 legislative session, the reform of PERS has been a priority for many schools and local municipalities. Even with increases to their overall budgets, the price tag on PERS has forced them to make significant cuts in education, health and public safety. I want to solve the crisis with real reforms and help with job creation. We must do better for our children, seniors, police and firefighters. PERS is a titanic problem. It is a sinking ship that needs to be rescued. Passing only Senate Bill 822 says to kids and their parents, seniors and Oregon’s most vulnerable that we don’t have room in the lifeboat for you. This is unacceptable. We must pass real, meaningful PERS reform.

On a brighter note, my legislation to combat those who would game and cheat the state of Oregon’s Medicaid program has passed the Senate and is now awaiting action in the House. Senate Bill 753 brings the latest in fraud-fighting technology to the state’s Medicaid program through mathematic algorithms and presents a serious effort to combat the nearly $18 billion that is lost nationally to Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse.

We can’t be content just resolving the issues of today. We must make sure that we leave even greater opportunities for the next generation, and that starts with fully funding education. Tough budget conditions and a crushing PERS obligation have decimated school districts throughout the state. In their wake, shorter school years and larger class sizes remain. We must do better.

It’s halftime in Salem, and our biggest policy battles still remain unsettled, but opportunities still exist for us in the second half. Our work is not done. Not by a long shot. Republicans have been at the table of bipartisanship all session, and if the Democrat leadership agrees to join us, the session could be one of Oregon’s finest. As John Wayne said, “It’s time for us to saddle up."

— State Sen. Tim Knopp represents the Central Oregon communities of Bend, Redmond, Sunriver and Tumalo.

Reprinted from Bend Bulletin. Copyrights to them.

Gun Control Bills Move to the Senate Floor

The Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee Chair held hearings and work sessions on four “gun control” bills last week. I have received emails and phone calls from thousands of Oregonians with about 95% opposing the bills. I’ve seen many citizens testify in opposition to the bills as well. Thursday, on a partisan vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve the four bills with amendments and sent them to the Senate Floor. The vote will likely occur this week. The Oregonian summarized the four bills and what they do, read below:

  • Senate Bill 347, which would allow school districts to prohibit concealed handgun licensees from carrying their firearms on school grounds.

  • Senate Bill 699,which would require that firearms carried into public buildings by licensees be concealed from public view.

  • Senate Bill 700 would require a background check for all private sales and transfers, except for those among family members.

  • Senate Bill 796, which would require that applicants for concealed permits take a course taught by a live instructor.

I thank you for standing with me against these bills. They solve no problem and they don’t make anyone safer. In fact they will make criminals out of law abiding citizens and have the very real potential to create more victims.

In freedom,

Senator Tim Knopp

Defending Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pregnancy Resource Centers have been a tremendous boost to our communities. Women who would not have anywhere else to go now have a community-supported center where they can receive help.

SB 490 unfairly targets Pregnancy Resource Centers across Oregon. It infringes upon free speech rights by compelling pregnancy centers to say something they would not otherwise, thereby regulating their right to free speech. Pregnancy Resource Centers will be unable to continue to exist in their current form if this piece of legislation is allowed to pass.

SB 490 has been scheduled for a work session on Tuesday, April 9th at 3 pm. I'm solidly opposed to the bill, but the rest of the committee members need to hear from you if we are to defeat this bill. Below I have listed the members on the Senate Health Care and Human Services committee, along with information on how to contact them. I urge you to contact all of them. Let them know you oppose this bill, and tell them what your local pregnancy resource center means to you.

Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson, Chair: (503) 986-1725 - Senator Chip Shields: (503) 986-1722 - Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward: (503) 986-1717 Senator Jeff Kruse: (503) 986-1701-

I will do everything I can to defeat this piece of legislation. I believe it's important for Pregnancy Resource Centers to continue to lend a helping hand in our communities to women, and families in crisis.

Senator Tim Knopp

Medicaid Fraud Bill Testimony - SB 753

Senator Tim Knopp Aims to Reduce Medicaid Fraud

Introduces Bill to Utilize Latest Technology to Combat Fraud

Salem, OR – Senator Tim Knopp is set to push reforms to Oregon’s programs and methodology to improve Medicaid payment integrity. If passed, Senate Bill 753 could potentially save the State of Oregon millions of dollars each year with minimal costs to implement this element to the program. SB 753 extends the latest in technology fraud fighting to preventing fraud before it happens, by reducing both improper payments, cost, and time involved with traditional “pay and chase” recovery.

“With Medicaid fraud becoming increasingly more complex, it is critical that Oregon updates and improves its policies to remain vigilant,” Knopp said. “SB 753 adds the technologies necessary to assure the long term solvency of Medicaid by ensuring that these critical programs will be available for those that are truly in need of help.”

SB 753 is set to have its first hearing, Monday March 18th at 3:00pm in the Senate Committee On Health Care and Human Services. Along with Senator Knopp, SB 753 has the bi-partisan support of Senate Health Care Committee Vice-Chair Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg) and Doctor Alan Bates (D-Ashland).

“My goal is to enact strong preventive controls that can help defend against improper payments, increasing public confidence and avoiding the difficult “pay and chase” aspects of recovering improper payments,” Knopp continues. “Annually, the federal government estimates that state Medicaid programs forfeits around $18 billion dollars that is attributed to fraud, waste and abuse – taxpayer money that could be used for its intended purposes.”

Sen. Knopp was previously in the Legislature from 1999 to 2005 for three terms, including one as Oregon House Majority Leader, where he led the PERS Reforms of 2003 that saved taxpayers billions. He was appointed to the Education and Workforce Development and Health Care and Human Services committees for the 2013 Legislative Session. Tim was elected to his first term in the Oregon State Senate in November 2012. Senate District 27 encompasses the Central Oregon communities of Bend, Redmond, Sunriver, and Tumalo.


2nd Amendment Rights

I oppose, and will continue to oppose attempts to restrict fundamental second amendment rights and freedoms.

My Grandfather, William Gaylord and I share a rich American heritage and history as I’m sure many of your families do. Our Gaylord ancestors came to America around 1630 and helped layout the city of Boston, MA as well as founding a town on the East Coast before they moved west. They arrived on this continent long before America’s founding and took our American heritage and our Constitutional freedom seriously. That mantle has been passed to me and I will defend our Constitutional freedom regardless of the cost, it’s that important!

My Grandfather was an avid outdoorsman who loved hunting. Nothing made him happier than awakening in the wee hours on a crisp morning in October or November at a campsite in Eastern Oregon to go out and hunt deer and elk. And there's something about the seriousness and care he embodied that still rings in my ears. These days, in particular, I remember him saying “Never touch the guns in the gun cabinet unless I help you” and “Treat every weapon as if it’s loaded.” And yes, he was a proud member of the NRA.

Make no mistake, firearms are to be treated with respect. In the wrong hands, firearms are not only dangerous but deadly.

However hunting isn’t the reason that Constitutional protections exist relating to gun ownership. These Constitutional guarantees exist for self-defense and the preservation of freedom of all our rights from the tyranny of our own government and to repel an attack of a foreign power.

Ownership of a firearm is a great responsibility and should never be taken lightly. It’s a right that I value and carry on with my children today. As a family, I’ve taught my children to appreciate the freedom to protect oneself as expressed in the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I Section 27 of the Oregon Constitution.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states in part…”the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”, as well as Article I, Section 27 of the Oregon Constitution says, “The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defense of themselves, and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power.” These are clearly enumerated rights of the people.

As an Oregon State Senator, I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and of the state of Oregon and I will honor that oath

The legislature needs to focus on criminals using guns and caring for people with mental health issues. None of the current anti-gun bills accomplish these two key points. In fact they will make Oregonians less safe and create more victims while making criminals out of law abiding gun owners.

Quite frankly I don’t trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with their Constitutional rights.

Please join me in doing everything you can to defeat these bills so we can focus our efforts on policies that will make people safer. Please talk with your friends and encourage them to email their Senators and Representatives in opposition to these bills. We are at a critical time in our history and we must not fail in our duty to protect the citizens of our state and Country.

In freedom,

Senator Tim Knopp

Legislators Knopp & Conger Introducing Bill On PERS

**Senator Tim Knopp

Representative Jason Conger**

Oregon State Capitol 900 Court Street NE, S-309 Salem, Oregon 97301

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Jake Pelroy February 14, 2013 503.986.1727

Legislators Knopp & Conger Introducing Bill On PERS Keep Promise To Take Legislators Out Of PERS

Salem, OR – Senator Tim Knopp along with Representative Jason Conger are set to provide fiscal relief to communities struggling with spiraling Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) expenses. Oregon agencies have to cut their service because of staggering increases in retirement expenses. The bill will remove legislators from being members of PERS.

“For many communities, the price tag of PERS has forced them to make significant cuts in education, health, and public safety.” states Sen. Knopp. “Because of our budget crisis, we have a unique opportunity in Oregon to obtain real meaningful PERS reforms. Already this session, the Governor and Legislators have proposed changes in PERS. With this bill we are leading by example by fixing state legislators conflict of interest.”

Originally legislators weren’t allowed to join PERS. However during the 1975 legislative session there was a bill to reverse that rule. Many who study PERS, point to this specific waypoint where the retirement system became compromised.

“I have heard from many citizens who are concerned that the Legislature is biased when it considers PERS reforms because many legislators are also PERS members” Representative Conger reported. “Whether that is true or not, the public’s confidence and trust in our elected representatives is critical to a strong republic. By keeping legislators out of PERS, this bill will simply take a significant step to remove even the perception of conflict.”

Sen. Knopp was previously in the Legislature from 1999 to 2005 for three terms, including one as Oregon House Majority Leader, where he led the PERS Reforms of 2003 that saved taxpayers billions. He was appointed to the Education and Workforce Development and Health Care and Human Services committees for the 2013 Legislative Session. Knopp was elected to his first term in the Oregon State Senate in November 2012. Senate District 27 encompasses the Central Oregon Communities of Bend, Redmond, Sunriver, and Tumalo.

Rep. Conger currently serves on the Health Care, Revenue, and Tax Credits Committees. He was first elected to the Legislature, November 2, 2010. He has taken a leadership role in Oregon’s landmark education and healthcare reforms. Conger represents House District 54, which encompasses most of Bend.