Below are some of the major accomplishments of Tim Knopp when he was State Representative from 1999 to 2005:

Holding the Line on Job Killing Taxes

  • Sponsored legislation to lower personal property taxes on thousands of small business owners
  • Eliminated the state income tax marriage penalty
  • Opposed what was at the time the largest tax increase in Oregon’s history (gas tax increase)
  • Opposed a 150 million dollar tax on Oregonians’ energy bills
  • Fought against taxes by state and local government on Internet access

An Advocate for Government Reform and Accountability

  • Sponsored Ballot Measure 86, which voters overwhelmingly approved, to Constitutionally protect your kicker tax refunds (over 1 Billion dollars in refunds to Oregon Taxpayers)
  • A strong supporter of controlling skyrocketing PERS costs.  The PERS reforms the Legislature achieved in 2003 that were upheld by the courts helped make PERS a fully funded plan by 2007.

A Champion for Central Oregon

  • Helped bring the OSU-Cascades Campus to Bend
  • Championed and passed a phased-in plan for Education Service District (ESD) funding that brought in millions of new dollars for Central Oregon students

A Strong Supporter of Education

  • Played a key role in expanding educational opportunities by passing a Charter schools bill
  • Fought for tax credits for employers who provide scholarships for their employees
  • A strong supporter of Oregon’s college savings plan
  • Supported statewide investment in higher education after a decade of disinvestment

Other Accomplishments

  • Was instrumental in passing a landmark bill to protect our children and the environment from mercury poisoning
  • Passed a directive to Congress that gained the attention of Nationally syndicated talk show host Doctor Laura Schlessinger. The directive was designed to protect our children from those who were trying to prey on their innocence.
  • Supported and voted for Patients’ Bill of rights and HMO reform
  • Perhaps the only member of the Legislature to not miss a single recorded floor vote in both the 1999 and 2001 sessions.



Service on Legislative Committees

  • 2003-04- Oregon Legislative Emergency Board
  • 2003- Chair, House Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
  • 2002- Chair, Special Work Group on Public Employees Retirement System-PERS
  • 2002- House Special Session Committee on Taxation (Second Special Session)
  • 2002- House Special Session Committee on Public Policy (Second Special Session)
  • 2002- House Special Session Committee on Economic Stimulus and Public Policy (First Special Session)
  • 2001-2- Chair, House Business and Commerce Interim Committee
  • 2001-2- House Special Committee on Budget Prioritization
  • 2001-2- House Interim Work Group on Public Contracting Law
  • 2001- Chair, House Business, Labor and Consumer Affairs Committee
  • 2001- Vice Chair, House Smart Growth and Commerce Committee
  • 2001- House Stream Restoration and Species Recovery Committee
  • 2001- Ways and Means Public Safety Sub-committee
  • 1999- Present-Juvenile Crime Prevention Advisory Committee
  • 1999-00- Co-Chair, House Business and Commerce Interim Committee
  • 1999-00- House Emerging Small Business Interim Committee
  • 1999- Vice Chair, House Business and Consumer Affairs Committee
  • 1999- House Education Committee
  • 1999- House Agency Performance and Operations Committee
  • 1999- House Human Resources Committee
  • 1999- Chair, House Human Resources Sub Committee on Boards and Licenses


Awards and Honors

  • 2005- NAHB Executive Officers Council, New EO of the Year
  • 2003- Dream Maker Award, Oregon Building Industry Association
  • 2003- American Dream Award, Oregon Association of Realtors
  • 2003- Nursing Hall of Fame,Oregon Nurses Association
  • 2003- Leader of the Year, National Republican Legislators Association
  • 2003- Featured in Pensions and Investments Magazine for work on Pension Reform Legislation
  • 2003- Legislative Appreciation Award, Tourism Industry Council of Oregon
  • 2002- Friend of the Taxpayer Award, Citizens for a Sound Economy
  • 2001- Taxpayer Medal of Honor Award, Taxpayers Association of Oregon
  • 2001- Senior Champion Award, for Outstanding Leadership, Oregon Health Care Association
  • 2001- Oregon Farm Bureau Family Farmer and Rancher Hall of Honor
  • 2001- Friend of Nursing Award, Oregon Nurses Association
  • 2001- Outstanding Legislator of the Year, Oregon Remodelers Association
  • 2001- CO-Operator of the Year, Oregon Rural Electric CO-OP Association
  • 2001- Lariat Laureate Award Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
  • 2001- Legislator Recognition Award, Special Districts Association of Oregon
  • 2001- Oregon Business Association Top 20
  • 2000- Legislative Appreciation Award, Tourism Industry Council of Oregon
  • 1999- U.S. Forest Service Stewardship Award
  • 1999- Dr. Laura Schlessingers “Warrior of the month”
    • Featured in the November 1999 issue of Dr. Laura’s Perspective Magazine
  • 1999- Friend of Nursing Award, Oregon Nurses Association